The International People’s Platform for Climate Justice (IPCJ) is a collaborative project aiming to inspire action and connect people around the world through powerful stories of resistance and people powered solutions from movements and communities fighting for climate justice.

At a time where climate impacts continue to hit our communities with increasing violence and frequency, and the response of world leaders continue to fall short of what is needed to address the crisis, we want this space to provide hope that we can and we shall overcome, because we are unstoppable when we come together. We hope this space can highlight the positive impact that we, the people, have been having for decades in the face of the climate crisis. That it can be a space for connection and solidarity. That it can inspire others to take a stand and join the struggle for climate justice in their communities and globally.

The panel

The International People’s Panel for Climate Justice is an group of representatives from the global climate justice movement – activists, community leaders, experts, academics, and scientists who have contributed to shape our movements and our understanding of climate justice.

They curate and create the content on this platform and think through the development of this initiative.