The IPCC reports provide a picture of the past, present, and future climate in order to help us understand what can be done and how we can prepare for what's to come. They don't, however, tell the story of how people around the world are living with — and finding solutions for — the realities of climate change.

That's where this platform comes in. Together, we can weave a complete story of the climate crisis.

Your stories, in your own voice, dialect or language, and lived experience, can help illuminate paths that lead to the future that we all want and deserve. They can compel people to act and stay involved. They can touch lives and help take situations beyond gloomy headlines and cold facts.

With the current pace of extreme weather events like deadly cyclones and typhoons, bushfires, and droughts, we need to double our efforts to reach out to more people in all the corners of the world, and communicate our realities, victories, and hopes. The climate crisis is a planetary crisis but there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together — if we can inspire our communities to look and listen, to take in and document what’s happening around them, then we can make our movement large and strong enough to win the change we need.

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